Monday, November 19, 2012

Mikkal Herberg: Asia Energy Expert

Although written a little more than a year ago, in June 2011, Mikkal Herberg’s editorial “China’s Energy Rise and the Future of U.S.-China Energy Relations” couldn’t be more relevant. Herberg points out the capacity that China has to completely reshape the global energy landscape and the challenges that poses to the United States. How should the U.S. approach the situation?

After a very in-depth analysis of the factors surrounding the U.S.-China energy relationship, Herberg concludes, “Stronger cooperation between China and the U.S. on global energy issues is vital to addressing our key global energy challenges, most importantly our common energy security dilemma. ... The issue is not cooperation on better U.S.-China relations for its own sake but cooperation that addresses our vital and common interests in energy security on a global basis.” To achieve this, Herberg suggests that the Obama administration focus on both short and medium term goals, and he encourages the creation of more multilateral institutions to manage energy security.

To read Mikkal Herberg’s full article, visit the New America Foundation.

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